Who We Are

Waterskiing in Western NY

Located at the Lewiston Landing on the scenic Lower Niagara River, the Neptune Waterski Club has been active in the sport since 1959! 

Neptune is a family oriented club providing fun for all ages. Neptune is involved in all aspects of water-skiing including slalom, barefooting, jumping, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, pyramids and swivel-skiing. The club’s main goal is to provide a safe atmosphere, to promote the enjoyment of the exciting sport of water-skiing. No experience is necessary; in fact, most new members have little or no water-skiing experience! Neptune has qualified members to teach or help improve current water-skiing skills.

Photo courtesy of Brian L. Garman

The club owns 2 competition ski boats, docks, a jump ramp, plus a multitude of water-ski and safety equipment. Club members have access to all team equipment and instruction. Water sport enthusiasts who don’t have a boat or can’t find others to ski with, join our club as a way to get out on the water! It’s a great way for a family to become active in a sport together. Young members learn responsibility, dedication, teamwork and leadership while being involved with a wholesome fun activity.

Neptune hosts community & charity events including the New Years Day Ski-a-thon, the Easter Bunny Ski and Kid’s Day at the water. The club also performs water-ski shows throughout the state in the summer months. Neptune has performed in the Lewiston Peach Festival, Seneca Lake Whale Watch, Canal Fest of the Tonawanda’s, Seneca River Day Festival in Baldwinsville, and more. All members are encouraged to participate, although it is certainly not required. Shows are accomplished with an impressive team effort, consisting of costuming, shore help, music, announcing, driving and of course water-skiing!